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What role play is

Put simply, role play is pretending to be somebody, pretending to do something, or pretending to be somewhere else. Or, all three!

It’s a really important and enjoyable way to learn something new. Think about it. HR and training professionals worldwide use it as an engaging technique to instil new skills in adults. For example, when you’re acting out a customer complaint, to learn how to handle a tricky situation.

Children do it naturally, because it’s so much fun! But, in certain environments, the art of role play can be encouraged further to bring little imaginations to life.


Why role play is important

When your child is engaged in role play, to them, it doesn’t feel like learning in the traditional sense. Why? Because they’re enjoying themselves too much to notice how they’re growing and developing as a result!

Role play has so many educational benefits for children. They get to step into somebody else’s shoes to think and behave differently to how they do in everyday life. This gives them the confidence to try new experiences.

Role play facilitates learning. Alongside others, children discover how to self-regulate, co-operate, empathise, lead, take direction, solve problems, and tolerate others. All in the safety of their imaginary world.


Role play, not soft play, at The Play Village

Unlike soft play centres, The Play Village isn’t a place to run around – climbing and letting off steam. It’s a magical learning environment where imagination rules.

Here, you and your children are free to explore our eight play pods that represent life-like settings. Everything from a fire station to a hairdressing salon.

Using play props and costumes, your child can pretend to care for a sick patient in our make-believe hospital. Or, impersonate a bossy business leader in our fictitious office.

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